I am a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, pursuing a BFA in Industrial Design.

My work is a reflection of process- experimentation and material exploration are important to me. My goal is to discover exciting forms through these processes, to reconcile beauty and function in the most interesting way. I consciously approach projects with the hope of finding something unexpected, and the intention of failing, revising, and evolving in an almost necessary way to arrive at my final design. Currently my interests lie somewhere between sculpture, furniture, and tabletop design, but are always evolving through the objects I make. I feel the skills I learn through making- physical and conceptual- can be applied to a broader range of design.  

Chicago is my home and Providence is where I reside during my schooling, but I am open to traveling anywhere for new experiences and opportunities.   

"thinking and feeling are contained within the process of making" -Richard Sennet, The Craftsman